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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to store my UrineAide above the toilet tank lid, or are there alternatives?
A. You can store your UrineAide anywhere you’d like to. A reasonable alternative to tank lid mounting is to simply move the UrineAide off to the side of the toilet, and many users choose to do it that way simply because it’s more convenient for them.

Q. Can I attach my UrineAide to the side of the toilet tank instead of to the tank lid?
A. Yes, you can if you must for your situation. However, we don’t recommend it unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Q. How far above the toilet water should I place my UrineAide output nozzle?
A. The UrineAide output nozzle should be between zero and 4 inches above the water line for optimal performance. You can even use the UrineAide with the nozzle submerged into the water a bit, but the nozzle may require more frequent cleaning with that method.

Q. Can I aim my UrineAide nozzle to the side edge of the toilet bowl?
A. Certainly. You can aim the UrineAide nozzle wherever it seems best for you. Just be sure that the nozzle is generally pointing downwards so it can expel the spray cleaner efficiently.

Q. How do I clean my UrineAide?
A. The UrineAide can be cleaned with our UrineAide Fresh spray, which is specially formulated to eliminate all traces of urine. In a pinch, you can use any standard household cleaner. When needed, the outer surfaces of the UrineAide can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Q. When I go to move my UrineAide, it sometimes seems to drip a few drops. Is this normal?
A. Yes. There may be a few drops of spray cleaner that will flow down into the UrineAide downspout and collect in the internal ridges of the lower nozzle parts. This is normal and can be mostly overcome by simply shaking the UrineAide a few times before attempting to move it.

Q. How often should I spray cleaner into the UrineAide?
A. It is our recommendation that you spray 1 or 2 spritzes of UrineAide Fresh or other mild spray cleaner directly into the UrineAide’s receiver after every use.

Q. I would like to install a UrineAide in my RV, but I don’t have any porcelain or glass to attach the UrineAide to. Any suggestions?
A. We make our UrineAide wall-mount kit for exactly that kind of situation! You can Install the wall-mount kit to plastic, wood, etc., and then simply attach your UrineAide to the wall-mount. Just be sure that your UrineAide will have enough reach to the toilet before permanently attaching the wall-mount.

Q. I am trying to get my UrineAide to stick to the surface of my vanity, but it keeps falling off after a few hours. Is there a secret to getting it to stick?
A. There are many surfaces that look smooth to the eye, but under the microscope, they really aren’t smooth enough to provide a good enough vacuum seal for suction cups. Porcelain, tile, and glass are the most suction-cup-friendly surfaces that you’re likely to find in a bathroom. If you need to attach your UrineAide to a vanity, please use our UrineAide wall-mount kit, available in clear and white to blend in nicely with any bathroom.

Q. I need a UrineAide for someone 4’ 8”. Why don’t you make a UrineAide to accommodate someone shorter than 5 feet?
A. An excellent question. In most cases the small size UrineAide will work just fine for someone that’s 4’8”, you may need to adjust the angle a bit though to get it to a height that’s comfortable.

Q. Will the UrineAide ever be made in any color other than white?
A. We may be offering the UrineAide in various color combinations in the future. Please contact us and share your color scheme suggestions. We would love to hear from you!