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Toilet seat up or seat down? Mars versus Venus...

It’s time that both of you put both the toilet seat and the lid down.

Men and boys and women and girls will never use the toilet with the seat up, at least when sitting down to use the toilet. Of course, if you sit on the toilet with the seat up, you’ll probably fall in, or at the very least you’ll be quite uncomfortable. Women and girls always sit down to use the bathroom, so they never have a need for the seat to be up. Many men, however, urinate into the toilet while standing, and therein lies the age-old back and forth between men and women and toilets.

It’s very common for males and females to share the same toilet, especially in the home environment. In a perfect woman’s world, males would raise the seat to urinate, so as not to splash pee onto the seat. Then, when finished, they would put the seat back down as a courtesy to the females in the house. Unfortunately, many times the male will simply shake it off, flush and walk away. When a female arrives at that toilet, she is forced to put the seat down to avoid falling in.

One solution would be for the male to simply leave the seat down while urinating. That’s not a good plan. Males think they are efficient urine shooters, but there is science at play here, and that almost 100% guarantees that small drops of pee will end up on the toilet seat. Look for more details of that science in a future article.

A second solution would be for the female to raise the seat up when she is through using the toilet, in preparation for the male’s arrival. But, if the male arrives for that other bodily function that requires sitting, he would then need to put the seat down to avoid falling into the bowl.

A reasonable middle-ground solution would be for both males and females to simply put both the seat and the toilet lid down when they are finished using the toilet. It looks better that way anyway. Plus, flushing with the lid up allows little droplets of agitated flush water to “jump” out of the bowl and onto the seat and surrounding area. So, both genders would need to do just a tiny little task before using the toilet; females would lift just the lid, and males would lift the lid and maybe the seat, depending on the job at hand. It’s really not an unreasonable compromise, and all parties will be happy. And, if you have a pet or pets, it keeps them safer too.


One important point to make is that the male should never urinate while standing without first raising the seat. I see this disgusting bad habit play out in public men’s rooms all the time. It seems that men in public restrooms and boys at home are typically guilty of this nasty habit. Why would any male think it’s acceptable for anyone, male or female, to sit down onto their pee drops on the toilet seat?

A relatively new product on the market, the UrineAide home bathroom urinal, could possibly play a valuable role in resolving “seat up/seat down” arguments. Its sole purpose in life is to eliminate pee splash before it ever happens. It may be worth a look!