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Morning Glory! - Waking up with an erection is always a good thing.

Waking in the morning with a Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT), or “morning wood”, “morning glory” or nocturnal erection is an indicator of good blood supply and a healthy nervous system.

It’s a good thing all around. If you should stop experiencing “morning wood”, this could be a sign of an underlying medical issue. Myths abound about what causes morning wood, and one of those is that the penis becomes erect because of a build up of urine in the bladder. While it’s true that waking up with an erection is often fixed by urinating, it’s just not true that “morning wood” is your body’s way of saying it’s time to pee.

Instead it’s got much more to do with how deeply you sleep. During REM sleep your body produces all the hormones that you need to continue to function effectively, and one of those hormones is testosterone. This slight increase in overall testosterone levels right after REM sleep is one of the major factors in deciding if you get a morning erection or not. Along with a spike in your testosterone, going into a deep REM sleep, causes an increase in nitric oxide, which is the chemical that relaxes the lining of the blood vessels increasing blood flow all over your body – including the penis.

If you no longer wake to a “morning glory”, it may be time to consult a qualified medical professional to get yourself checked out. A lack of nocturnal erections could mean that there is a heart, nerve, blood flow, or hormone issue that has gone undiagnosed.

Attempting to pee with an erection and a full bladder can be like filling a water glass with a fire hose. It’s the perfect opportunity to splash pee all over the toilet. One way around that is by using a new product known as the UrineAide. The UrineAide will harness your high-powered urine stream and deliver it directly to the toilet, with no splashing of any kind.

So, if you wake up and your sheets have formed a tent over you, don’t worry; morning erections are healthy and 100% normal.