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The UrineAide - Home Bathroom Urinal. Never clean pee again!

Many men stand to pee at the toilet. They’ve been doing it that way, in most cases, all of their lives. And in most cases, not all of their pee has landed in the toilet, again, all of their lives. And that’s a problem for the people that clean up after them. And our premiere product, the UrineAide aims to fix that.

There are a large number of men who may not be able to urinate efficiently while standing, due to various physical and/or neurological health conditions. These can include, but are not limited to, men with poor eyesight, injuries, surgeries, obesity, amputations, stroke recovery, Parkinson’s disease and other tremor-related afflictions, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia challenges, enlarged prostate, kidney or bladder cancers, physical special needs, old age, and other neurological or physical issues that would keep a man from urinating accurately and neatly while standing in front of the toilet. Men with any of these issues may have the desire to urinate while standing, but typically end up delivering a portion of their urine stream to their feet, legs or pants, the toilet exterior, floor, walls or vanity.

The UrineAide - Home Bathroom Urinal

This is really a negative experience not only for the man, but also for any caregiver tasked with keeping the man’s clothes clean, and also keeping the toilet and surrounding bathroom areas clean. Though a reasonable and viable alternative may be to urinate while seated on the toilet, not being able to urinate while standing can be harmful to a man’s pride and dignity, as they have in most cases been urinating while standing since they were a small child. Additionally, sitting to urinate may be difficult and even painful for those with back, knee and/or hip ailments, or recovering from back, knee or hip surgeries or injuries, making standing to pee the more comfortable option for them.

The UrineAide addresses these issues with a simple, lightweight, portable, removable home bathroom urinal. It’s an invention that we’re very proud of, and we really feel that it can be a great solution for a lot of folks. So, we invite you to learn more about it by simply clicking on our logo in the upper left corner.