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The Flipper - Big Button Infrared TV Remote

The Flipper Big Button Universal 2-device Infrared (IR) Remote Controller is white and easy to find, has big, colorful buttons that are easy to see, and is very easy to understand and operate.

 It’s the ultimate in simplicity, removing most all of the challenges that a 30-button, single color, complex remote can present to a person with vision problems, Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, and other physical and mental life challenges.


Flipper Tv Remote

This well-made, simple little remote can be used to turn the TV and/or Set-top Box on or off, can be used to switch back and forth between up to 25 channels programmed into it by the you or the ultimate user, and can be used to turn the television volume up or down. For many people, that meets every requirement for pleasant, no-stress TV viewing. They won’t need to be concerned about pressing a certain button combination, or any of the other things that can be very intimidating and frustrating about today’s terribly over-engineered remote controllers.

Flipper Tv Remote

Most all seniors aren’t interested in complicated. After a life well lived, they’ve dealt with enough complicated, and just aren’t interested in more. So, if fancy and complicated is what you seek, keep shopping. If simple and foolproof is what you seek, you have just found it. This remote can even be locked down to prevent accidental re-programming due to erroneous button presses! Even the color is simple! How easy is it to find a white colored remote?

If you’re looking for a Roku remote option, this may not be the right remote for you. Older Roku boxes use an infrared communications link between the Roku box and remote, but the more current models use a wireless radio link. Because The Flipper uses a conventional infrared (IR) communications link, getting it to communicate with a Roku could prove to be a challenge. I haven’t had the opportunity to use it, but word on the street has it that the company that makes The Flipper has excellent customer service and technical support, so you may want to direct any Roku questions to them before you purchase the remote.

You can buy “The Flipper” at Amazon, Walmart, and many other online retailers. So, if you or someone you know and love needs life to be just a little less technical and complicated, this great little easy-to-use remote is worthy of  your consideration.