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DuoGlide Kitchen Knives

DuoGlide kitchen knives by Dexter-Russell make cutting food for meals easier.

These high-quality knives combine a unique and supremely comfortable knife grip with perfect balance and legendary DEXSTEEL high carbon stainless steel blades to make kitchen knives that are extremely comfortable to use, and invaluable for people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia , stroke recovery, stiffness or other debilitating issues with their hands or wrists. These knives are available in a range of sizes, including a 3 3/8” paring knife, 5” utility knife, 7 ½” bread slicer knife, 8” chef’s knife (my personal favorite), 10” cook’s knife and a 12” slicer.

DuoGlide kitchen knives by Dexter-Russell

Any time a sharp kitchen knife is used in food preparation, safety is always paramount, and for those with hands that are not strong and dexterous, or maybe shaking and unstable, using a poorly designed or low quality knife could be unsafe.

DuoGlide kitchen knives by Dexter-Russell

I have hand arthritis myself, and completely understand how an ergonomic and comfortable grip  can make a great deal of difference in efficiency, productivity and safety, whether the excellent grip is on golf clubs, my steering wheel, shop tools, yard tools, kitchen knives or anything else.

DuoGlide kitchen knives by Dexter-Russell

A friendly word of warning here. THESE KNIVES ARE VERY SHARP! So, be careful when using them. And I know that you will thoroughly enjoy using them!

Dexter-Russell DuoGlide knives can be purchased at the Dexter-Russell web site, and also at Amazon, The Webstaurantstore, Walmart and other retail outlets.