All UrineAide's are currently sold out. We expect to have more in stock by 10-15-20.

Easier Daily Living

  • Hamilton Beach “Smooth Touch” Electric Can Opener

    The Hamilton Beach “Smooth Touch” automatic electric can opener outshines other electric can openers due to its large, easy-to-press opening lever, conveniently located at the top of the opener. 
  • The Flipper - Big Button Infrared TV Remote

    The Flipper Big Button Universal 2-device Infrared (IR) Remote Controller is white and easy to find, has big, colorful buttons that are easy to see, and is very easy to understand and operate.
  • The UrineAide - Home Bathroom Urinal. Never clean pee again!

    Many men stand to pee at the toilet. They’ve been doing it that way, in most cases, all of their lives. And in most cases, not all of their pee has landed in the toilet, again, all of their lives. And that’s a problem for the people that clean up after them.
  • Bed Wedge Pillows

    Here’s some REALLY good information that could be potentially LIFE CHANGING! As we get older, the wear on our body parts begins to take its’ toll, ...
  • The Squatty Potty Toilet Posture Stool

    The Squatty Potty toilet posture stool makes going to the bathroom easier.
  • DuoGlide Kitchen Knives

    DuoGlide kitchen knives by Dexter-Russell make cutting food for meals easier. These high-quality knives combine a unique and supremely comfortable ...